Tera Woh Pyar

Baatein teri karte hue
Thak ke so jaati hoon sirhaane aasmaan
Jaane kahaan mud jaati hain
Dekhte dekhte tujhe yeh galiyaan
Teri tarah khushbu chale
Taare hamaari tarah raaton se mile
Suni nahi zamaane ne teri meri kahaaniyaan
Karde koyi nawaazishen karam mehrbaaniyaan
Yeh aarzu thi ki dekhe yeh duniya
Hum jaisa koi deewaana hi nahi
Karde koyi nawaazishen karam mehrbaaniyaan
Raat andheri mein chhup rahe the
Gum ek savera dhoond rahe the
Sadiyon se jaise jaag rahe the
Pyaar ko apne dhaanp rahe the
Phir gir pade
Koyi mila naa sahaara kya karein
Suni nahi zamaane ne teri meri kahaaniyaan
Tera woh pyaar yaad aayega
Bhoolega naa yeh dil mera
Kya ho gaya socha nah tha
Tera woh

Thought for Thursday- 2/09/14

Alhamdulillah for everything!

Healing Hearts

To be content with a thing doesn’t mean you are personally happy with it. But it means that I am content with God, my Lord, who has ordained this for me. We can be content in happiness, and content in sadness. All the things that transpire in our lives are from God, He willed for it to be. Contentment is a type of submission, that I have no complaints against Him and I can do the best in the situation I am in, and I will seek to find the wisdom that God has in this. ~ Dr. Umar Faruq Abd’Allah (via my friend Zaynab Laher)

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The Painted Veil


I’m literally blown away by the movie, and the main actors doing justice to their roles. Edward Norton was exceptional as Walter Fane. He is shown to be a bookish bacteriologist who falls in love with Kitty Garstin played by Naomi Watts. She is a free spirited, strong willed young woman who agrees to marry Walter just to prove her mother wrong. They travel to Shanghai where Walter works as an infectious disease specialist in a government laboratory. Here Kitty falls in love with Charles Townsend played by Liev Schreiber who is a married British consul. Walter when finds out that his wife is having an affair with Charles, threatens to divorce her if she doesn’t move with him to a small village called Mei-tan-fu where there is an outbreak of cholera. Walter determined to let his wife pay for her mistake keeps her at a distance. As she later joins the orphanage run by nuns, she finds out Walter’s love for kids. I absolutely loved the scene where he is enthralled by her playing the piano with the kids, and her realizing how hard Walter was working to protect the water supply so as to control the spread of cholera. That is when things start to get easy for them and a new love begins amidst the cholera epidemic. Kitty finds out shes pregnant but is not sure who the father is, but Walter assures her that since they are together it doesn’t matter who the father is. Unfortunately Walter contracts cholera and later dies of it leaving her bereft. Five years later she’s shown to be with her son ‘Walter’ in London.

Why I liked it was because it wasn’t a very teary movie, but it explored the sad side of the world in the early 1900s and the idea that you can fall in love if you try to look at the good points in your partner.

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Poet: Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Translated by: ayesha Kaljuvee

My absolute favourite is the last part of this ghazal. Urdu is such a beautiful language and romantic poetry in urdu never fails to touch your soul.

dasht-e-tanhaai mein, ai jaan-e-jahaan, larzaan hain
In the desert of my solitude, oh love of my life, quiver
teri avaaz ke saaye,
the shadows of your voice,
tere honthon ke saraab
the mirage of your lips

dasht-e-tanhaai mein,
In the desert of my solitude,
duri ke khas-o-khaak tale
beneath the dust and ashes of distance
khil rahe hain tere pehlu ke saman aur gulaab
bloom the jasmines and roses of your proximity

uth rahi hai kahin qurbat se
From somewhere very close,
teri saans ki aanch
rises the warmth of your breath
apani khushbuu mein sulagti hui
smouldering in its own aroma,
maddham maddham
slowly, bit by bit.

dur ufaq par chamakati hui
far away, across the horizon, glistens
qatra qatra
drop by drop
gir rahi hai teri dil daar nazar ki shabnam
the falling dew of your beguiling glance

is qadar pyaar se hai jaan-e jahaan rakkhaa hai
With such tenderness, O love of my life,
dil ke rukhsaar pe
on the cheek of my heart,
is vaqt teri yaad ne haath
has your memory placed its hand right now

yun guman hota hai
that it looks as if
garche hai abhi subah-e-firaaq
(though it’s still the dawn of adieu)
dhal gaya hijr ka din
the sun of separation has set
aa bhi gaye vasl ki raat
and the night of union has arrived

Hitting the 30 (three zero)!

Only yesterday I was in my twenties and today I’m in my thirties. Wow. One day and I’m old already. In my teenage years anyone more than 20 was old in my opinion, which (and here I mean the age limit that I thought was the barrier between young and old) later changed to 25. But 30 was the ultimate line. Every year after 25 was spent dreading that well atleast I’m still a few years away from the three zero. So finally the three zero has arrived. In the blink of an eye all those years from my teens to the twenties have faded into yesterday. Looking back I remember discovering the facts of life in my teens, living in a fantasy world of my dreams. Oh what a wonderful wonderful time that was. Alas, you have to grow up and well face difficulties, make friends for life, even see bitchiness from your friends, fall in love, make mistakes and all of them will have taught you something by the end of it. And it did. To me all those things that I did have taught me a lesson in life. Who matters and who doesn’t, what’s good and what’s not, the difference between right and wrong. Had I not faced all those things I would not be the person that I am today.

When I look back it all seems like a dream, now that it has passed. A beautiful dream with well a few bad hitches =). I have been so blessed to have had a loving family, friends who really cared and with whom I had the time of our lives. Now that all are married and settled and have lives of their own, none of us can do all that stuff that we used to. But those memories are etched forever in the slate of my mind. So three zero I’m gonna take a big breath and embrace you with open arms. Lets see what these 10 years bring until the four-oh is near *ouch*. So yes I’m kind of feeling older and wiser but inside I’m still that cheesy person who is impulsive, who laughs at stupid things, cries for no reason and loves in return all the people who love . Maybe this might be a new beginning, a new experience, a decade full of life’s adventures. Yes, I’m looking forward to it. Waiting for the even better things in life to come, and creating more memories.

I’m just gonna wait and see.


The Story ofLife


Today might seem not so good or great or even a stand-still according to whats happening in your life. But remember this is just one day. Days can be bad, sad, happy or contented or boring or maybe with nothing happening at all. The true essence of it all is how well those days sum up to be. Sum up to be the life you lead. In the end all that matters is how well you tried to mend your life if it was a broken one, or how well you shared happiness with people who were sad and lonely. Days may be low and high, depending on our moods. Never let it get you down because life is not a one day story. It is anything but a short one. Each and everyday will count when you look back and analyze life. Sometimes we have to make decisions that are not easy to make, decisions that may change the whole course of our life. Accept life in a new way. Harsh as it sounds, keep going on. Because you never know whats in store for you next. Life is a series of events of all kinds. At times we get happiness from something unexpected. Now thats a miracle. We should be thankful for all the comforts and blessings we have in life. Keep faith in yourself that you can change your life for good. And most of all, keep faith in God. The highest power who has written your fate. Things will work out for the good if you believe them to. And best leave all your worries with Allah.

“Verily in the remembrance of God (dhikr Allah) do hearts find rest!” (13:28). In the end when you look back upon your life you should be able to smile at how well you survived all the hardships set upon you and how well you aced the test called ‘life’.

Few arabic terms (random)

Outside barra/ kharaja

Inside juwwa/ dakhel

Up fouq

Down tahat

Open Iftah, miftouh

Close sakkar, mughlaq

Quick sur-aa , alatool

Left yassar

Right yameen

Much kateer

Few shuaiaa

Big kabeer

Small sagheer

Go up itlah

Go down yanzil

Turn leef

Broken maksoor

Not functioning kharban

Lamp lamba

Electricity kaharba

Appear yadhar yetlah

Disappear takhtafi

Go yuroh ( eg like the diseases goes)

Return yarjah (and returns)

Now al ann

Later baaden

Weak daeef

Strong qawwi

Hard jeff

Soft naem, tari

Before qabl

After baad

Front guddam, imam

Behind khalaf

Stand up goom

Lie down Itlah



More medically related arabic

I will write you medicine

Ana aktub lik dawa

You can buy this medicine from pharmacy

Anta tashtari hadha dawa min saidaliyya

Where is your file?

Ayna anta malaf?

I don’t understand?

Ana  la afham

Can u repeat again

Mumkin kalam marra saniya

Continue using this medicine for a week

Istamer hadha dawa fil isboou

Stop this medicine

Tawaqqaf hadha dawa

You have allergy in blood (IgE)

Anta/ anti hassasiya fid dam

Come for follow up after 2weeks

Taali muraaja baad al isboouein

I will write tests (investigate)

Ana asawi tahleel