Few arabic terms (random)

Outside barra/ kharaja

Inside juwwa/ dakhel

Up fouq

Down tahat

Open Iftah, miftouh

Close sakkar, mughlaq

Quick sur-aa , alatool

Left yassar

Right yameen

Much kateer

Few shuaiaa

Big kabeer

Small sagheer

Go up itlah

Go down yanzil

Turn leef

Broken maksoor

Not functioning kharban

Lamp lamba

Electricity kaharba

Appear yadhar yetlah

Disappear takhtafi

Go yuroh ( eg like the diseases goes)

Return yarjah (and returns)

Now al ann

Later baaden

Weak daeef

Strong qawwi

Hard jeff

Soft naem, tari

Before qabl

After baad

Front guddam, imam

Behind khalaf

Stand up goom

Lie down Itlah



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