The Story ofLife


Today might seem not so good or great or even a stand-still according to whats happening in your life. But remember this is just one day. Days can be bad, sad, happy or contented or boring or maybe with nothing happening at all. The true essence of it all is how well those days sum up to be. Sum up to be the life you lead. In the end all that matters is how well you tried to mend your life if it was a broken one, or how well you shared happiness with people who were sad and lonely. Days may be low and high, depending on our moods. Never let it get you down because life is not a one day story. It is anything but a short one. Each and everyday will count when you look back and analyze life. Sometimes we have to make decisions that are not easy to make, decisions that may change the whole course of our life. Accept life in a new way. Harsh as it sounds, keep going on. Because you never know whats in store for you next. Life is a series of events of all kinds. At times we get happiness from something unexpected. Now thats a miracle. We should be thankful for all the comforts and blessings we have in life. Keep faith in yourself that you can change your life for good. And most of all, keep faith in God. The highest power who has written your fate. Things will work out for the good if you believe them to. And best leave all your worries with Allah.

“Verily in the remembrance of God (dhikr Allah) do hearts find rest!” (13:28). In the end when you look back upon your life you should be able to smile at how well you survived all the hardships set upon you and how well you aced the test called ‘life’.