More medically related arabic

I will write you medicine

Ana aktub lik dawa

You can buy this medicine from pharmacy

Anta tashtari hadha dawa min saidaliyya

Where is your file?

Ayna anta malaf?

I don’t understand?

Ana  la afham

Can u repeat again

Mumkin kalam marra saniya

Continue using this medicine for a week

Istamer hadha dawa fil isboou

Stop this medicine

Tawaqqaf hadha dawa

You have allergy in blood (IgE)

Anta/ anti hassasiya fid dam

Come for follow up after 2weeks

Taali muraaja baad al isboouein

I will write tests (investigate)

Ana asawi tahleel

Arabic terms for doctors who are new to this language

Hi,I’ve had great difficulty since coming to ksa cuz unlike us, many people can’t speak English well and think that since we have come here all docs should know their language i.e. arabic Well I’ve written here few basic terms and questions we would all need to know and ask or talk about as docs in ksa. Have more will post laterz!

How are you? Kaifa halik or kaif-al-haal

How old are you? Kam umruka?

What is you name? Ma ismuka or aish ismek?

Are you married? Anta mutazouj(males) or

anti mutazawiga? (females)

How many children? Kam aulaad?

What happened to you? Maza asabak?

How long have you had this problem? Kam laha hadihi mushkila?

Do you have blood pressure or diabetes? Anta maaki Daght ad dam wa sukkar?

Do you take treatment for blood pressure and diabetes? Hal anta takhuz ilaj daght wa sukkar?

Medical terms

Hospital = mustashfa

Clinic= ayaada

Ambulance= isaaf

Doctor = doktor(male) doktora (female)

Dentist= Tabiib al isnaan

Surgeon= Jarraah

Nurse= mumarrida

Pharmacy = saidaliyya

Disease = mard


Infectious= moudi

Infection= adwa

Parasitic= tifliyaat

Fungal= fitriyat

Bacterial= bakteriya

Viral= virusea