The Painted Veil


I’m literally blown away by the movie, and the main actors doing justice to their roles. Edward Norton was exceptional as Walter Fane. He is shown to be a bookish bacteriologist who falls in love with Kitty Garstin played by Naomi Watts. She is a free spirited, strong willed young woman who agrees to marry Walter just to prove her mother wrong. They travel to Shanghai where Walter works as an infectious disease specialist in a government laboratory. Here Kitty falls in love with Charles Townsend played by Liev Schreiber who is a married British consul. Walter when finds out that his wife is having an affair with Charles, threatens to divorce her if she doesn’t move with him to a small village called Mei-tan-fu where there is an outbreak of cholera. Walter determined to let his wife pay for her mistake keeps her at a distance. As she later joins the orphanage run by nuns, she finds out Walter’s love for kids. I absolutely loved the scene where he is enthralled by her playing the piano with the kids, and her realizing how hard Walter was working to protect the water supply so as to control the spread of cholera. That is when things start to get easy for them and a new love begins amidst the cholera epidemic. Kitty finds out shes pregnant but is not sure who the father is, but Walter assures her that since they are together it doesn’t matter who the father is. Unfortunately Walter contracts cholera and later dies of it leaving her bereft. Five years later she’s shown to be with her son ‘Walter’ in London.

Why I liked it was because it wasn’t a very teary movie, but it explored the sad side of the world in the early 1900s and the idea that you can fall in love if you try to look at the good points in your partner.

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